Is Traffic making you go

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Try "MeMu World" App

and make your navigation experience

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We pay you to move in your
Memu HappyGoLucky

Social Trafic Alerts

Navigate Smart. Send and Receive helpful real-time road alerts with other users

Earn Money & Fame

 Gain Reputation Coins which you can redeem them later for Cash or Discount Coupons.

Game On

Invite and add your friends & family and compete for the top spot. Be the top player from your City.

Social Drives

Do Carpool & Bikepool or get on a Shuttle. Your Choice every time & anytime. NAVI Alerts PROFILE Private Earnings
Memu Reputation Level Dashboard – 1 MAIN CAB POOL

Start Earning Money, Fame & Rewards while Navigation

  • custom – 1@2x
  • Rider

Use your Reputation Coins to get discounts

We are working with local shops in your neighbourhood to get you the best discounts & offers. Know what they have in offer when you pass their shops. gif maker
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User Onboarding

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