Social Network Navigation & Maps

Let me start with a question.
Do you find yourself in this guy’s situation when you see this guy above?

When was the last time you are stuck in traffic and expressed frustration, boredom & helplessness?

But have you any day questioned your-self, why I even end-up in these situations in first place despite me using popular navigation apps? If you observe, these so-called REAL-TIME traffic alerts you receive are not “so real-time” as the real-world roads in India are so chaotic that anything can happen anytime making difficult for data driven apps to report traffic. This leaves a room for improvement.

Let me explain you more by a series of real-life lucky events happened to me.

A few months back, me & my brother were going to a mall with family. We were driving separate cars and my brother was few meters ahead of me. There is this lane we need to take and we checked in our google maps, it was showing blue with no traffic, so my brother took the turn.

When I came near to that turn, some noble person coming from opposite direction informed me that someone just started a quarrel because of an accident and advised me to take a deviation otherwise I shall be struck in traffic indefinitely. I took his advice. However, my brother not knowing the situation ahead kept waiting behind few other cars and ended up reaching mall 30min late.

It’s not just one case, in few other instances, a guy informed me about a blocked street as someone is doing some function on the road, some other time, I was asked to avoid a road as corporation people started digging all of a sudden. And other time I returned favor and saved a few from traffic fines informing about police checkpoint on their way.

So, do you see what I have observed? A solution which can be better than current navigation apps which are based on a data from a bunch of smartphones shown at one place at a time?

Yes, with the power of community we can solve this problem much effectively.

If you have noticed, in the above scenarios traffic (yellow & red lines) never showed up on my maps. I have simple dodged getting into traffic from another persons’ help.

If we take a step back and notice, these are some noble men like you and me who knows the pain of traffic and value of time, help others with no anticipation in return.

What if we reward them for their good and give everyone the purpose to help each other out. This motivated me to start Memu World with a vision to solve societal challenges, and open up pathways for job creation and economic stimulation towards a sustainable future.

This will be just a start… imagine what the community can build with this marketplace.